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Wireless Network Setup Support Ottawa

We provide wireless network set-up support for both individuals and businesses alike in the Ottawa Region. Wireless networks provide convenience for connecting to the internet without being constrained by physical connections. Because the wireless network is visible to almost everyone, setting it up properly and securing it well, and provisioning it for multiple connections does require a good knowledge of wireless security, router configuration, and knowledge of device performance metrics and monitoring. Our Ottawa technicians will come to your location and help you set-up and secure your network, and be able to safely connect to and access wireless internet.

Wireless Scenarios we can help with

Your wireless set-up may just be for connecting to devices in a single floor in your house, or multiple floors. You may want to set-up guest accounts and secure them, ensure that signal strength is good, and make sure that all the devices on your network can connect securely without conflict and much more. From simple setups to complex topologies, we do it all at Snappy Techs Ottawa


If you are having issues with connecting to your current network, may be because of your wireless router, device driver issues with your computer device, we can help troubleshoot the issue for you.

Wireless Networking Solutions

Router Supply & Troubleshooting

We know the current and best technology for what you need, and we can supply you with most optimal router for your network. We can help with slow, always buffering setups and much more.


Wireless Connectivity Issues

We help troubleshoot connectivity issues. We can replace wireless cards, reinstall your wireless drivers and much more.

Network Setup and Security

We can help to ensure that your wireless network is always secure, ensure your routers are properly secure and optimal. We can also help monitor your network for any issues.

Wireless Network Setup Ottawa

Need help with your Ottawa business or home's wireless internet connection?

Contact our Ottawa technicians today for any and all of your wireless internet connectivity issues. We will help you troubleshoot and get you back online as soon as possible.