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Windows Popups Troubleshooting in Ottawa

Windows Popups are a very common computer problem for most computer users. There are many ways that such malware manifests itself, but the most common is for them to appear as genuine software asking you to do something that appears legitimate such as showing you a screen that says that your computer is infected with a virus and you need to click to do a clean up.

How do Windows Popups occur

The presence of windows popups in your computer is a result of computer malware infections and computer viruses. These infections typically get to your computer They commonly appear via an email attachment, downloading of untrusetd files and software, visiting malicious websites, and fake pop ads that ask you to download some software to be able to access a download etc.

What can we do for you

We are virus and malware removal experts in Ottawa. We can help remove windows popups by cleaning up your computer, uninstalling unnecessary programs, fixing startup programs and registry and running tests to ensure that your computer is free of all infections. If you need a data backup, we can do that for you. Here’s a list of your options

  • Malware Removal, Cleanup and Tuneup
  • Data Backup and Windows Reinstall
  • Computer Diagnostics and Solution Recommendations
  • Registry Cleanup and System Reset with Data Backup

The Challenge

Keeping track of activity on your servers can be a daunting task. Your servers need to be always tracked, updated, monitored and any problem fixed with urgency.

Server Management Support Ottawa

The Solution

We offer server maintenance and monitoring services. We ensure that your server is always running and make sure that your data is always secure from hackers and unauthorized access. We also help with server configuration and failure tolerance.

Reliable Windows Pop-up Removal

Complete Cleanup

We use industry standard malware removal software to ensure a complete clean up of all traces of malware.


You can rely on our service each time for satisfactory results and quality of service.

Always Up-to-date

We keep abreast of all current methods for removing popups to ensure that we use only up-to-date technology on your computer.

Windows Popups Removal and Troubleshooting In Ottawa

Windows Popups Troubleshooting and Repairs

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