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Computer Data Security Support Ottawa

Computer Data Security is a very important part of every organization and every individual that cares about security and safety. By data security, we are talking about a set of software and hardware tools and measures that ensure that sensitivity data is accessible only by authorized personnel and programs. The data could be stored inside computer disks, databases and websites, or the cloud.

Software Data Security

We work on computers, websites, and databases to ensure that data is encrypted, and that strong passwords and encryption keys are used.

Data Erasure

Data erasure is a way to ensure that data on recycled, no longer used or refurbished computers is fully erased and cannot be recovered. This service is important for organization and persons that had stored sensitivity data on their hard drives.

Hardware Data Security

We ensure that your data cannot be copied without your authorization through software and hardware using full proof data security measures. This can be in the form of disabling usb functionality.

Reliable Data Security Measures

Full Proof Security

We make sure that your data is secure either via hardware or software, and we ensure that only authorized users have access to your data.


With us, you can rest assured that we will employ the best of practices in data security to ensure that none of your data is compromised.

Always Up-to-date

We keep abreast of all current technology in data security solutions, and we ensure that we employ those solutions for all of our customers.

Server Management Support Ottawa

Looking for Data Security Support in Ottawa?

Keep your data secure, and ensure that no unauthorised access ever happens.