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Huawei Repairs Ottawa

Huawei Repairs are one of our core repair service that we offer here in Ottawa. Nowadays, everyone owns a cell phone, a smartphone of some kind, use it daily to communicate with friends, family and to do business. Nowadays, smartphones do more than talk and text. They are used to capture memories, store important documents and emails and other important data and have become important for day-to-day living. But often times, cell phone and tablets malfunction, stop turning on, or the screen breaks and you need it fixed. And this is where we come in. We are a cell phone repair, tablet repair and computer repair shop here in Ottawa. 

Our Huawei repair Service


We offer a full service for Huawei smartphones repairs. We fix both hardware and software issues on cell phones. Whether your cell phone is failing to charge, needs a new battery, or the cell phone screen and digitizer are broken, or you have accidentally deleted some photos, or your cell phone is boot looping, we can help. If you need any cell phone repair, you can call us. We do any troubleshooting you may need help with.


    Cell Phone Software Issues We Fix

    •  Android Operating System Repairs
    • Android  Bootloop Repairs
    • Android Data Recovery
    • Android Application Repairs
    • Android Network Issues Repair & Other Connectivity
    • Apple iPhone Operating System Repairs
    • iOS Reload and much more

    Hardware Issues We Fix

    • iPhone broken screen replacement
    • iPad broken screen replacement
    • Samsung Phone and Tablet Screen Replacement
    • Digitizer and charging port replacement
    • Microphone and phone speaker replacement
    Cell Phone Repair Ottawa

    Get your phone or tablet repaired here in Ottawa

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