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Browser Troubleshooting and Repairs Ottawa

Browser Troubleshooting and Repairs is one of the most common type of software repairs we do on computers. Browser, next to text-editor are the most commonly used piece of software on your computer. It is the most common way that the average computer user connects to the World Wide Web for content consumption, whether it be reading email, visiting a news website, watching videos or downloading another software. Almost all interactions with the internet for the average user is via the web browser. As a result, malicious software, websites run by hackers and a host of other problems occur with the browser itself. It is also through teh web browser that most computer end up infected with viruses. Malicious software can hijack your browser, rendering it useless. Sometimes, cookies, cached content and certificates may be the culprit when it comes to web browser problems.

Common Problems on Browsers

  • Disable Browser Cookies
  • Disable Javascript
  • Cached Internet History
  • Plugins that are not up-to-date
  • Old browser
  • Cached browser certificates
  • SSL errors
  • Internet Connectivity Errors

At Snappy Techs, we troubleshoot any and all internet browser issues, resolve certificate errors, and ensure that your computer connects to the internet securely. We do internet firewall and other security diagnostics to ensure that malware and other virus have not compromised your browser.

Fast Repairs Now

Snappy Techs prides it’s self for being Snappy. We want to deliver the best service at the best price now. We love new clients but we Love repeat clients more. Call us now at 613-606-8881 or click the chat window below to communicate with one of our knowledgeable techs.

Remote Support

Remote support allows us to connect and fix  your computer ,laptop  or mobile device over a secured network while you sit back and relax . We can resolve most software related issues remotely. Please note that you need a reliable internet connection.

On site support

When all else has failed, we send a tech to your location. Our techs are extremely knowledgeable, patient and professional. This option is more expensive than the other two option but be comforted with the knowledge that you are in the best tech hands.

30 Day Support

Relax. With every remote support call you get 30 days warranty. Call back if your issue returns and a technician will investigate to find out why it returned, fix it and put measures in place to keep it from reoccurring.  Snappy techs main goal is your satisfaction.

Browser Troubleshooting in Ottawa

Having web browser problems?

Get in touch with one of our techs via chat, by phone at 613-606-8881 or by clicking the button below.