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Cobourg Computer Repair, IT Support & Remote Support

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Cobourg computer repair and remote computer repair services that we offer are designed to offer individuals, businesses and Offices in Cobourg reliable and convenient solutions to common computer problems at very affordable pricing. The convienience we offer is that as long as your computer can still boot and connect to the internet, our technicians can remotely connect to it, run repair and support tasks such as virus removal, system performance audit and tuneups, install and setup new software while you sit at your Cobourg office or home. In the event that you need hands on repairs, we also have local technicians for on-site support and Cobourg computer repair shops that we have partnered with to serve you.

Savvy Cobourg Computer Repair Experts

At Snappy techs, we love Cobourg but don’t like computer viruses, Windows errors and apple MacBook issues as much as we believe you also do. We keep abreast of all Windows problems, updates, solutions and Apple operating system issues, vulnerabilities and repair methodologies to ensure that your laptop computers and MacBooks are fixed properly. We support Apple MacBooks and other brands like Dell, Toshiba, Asus, sony, Samsung, HP, MSI, Lenovo and Fujitsu.

 We know that your computer is critical to your work, communicationa nd play, and we are determined to repair your computers so that you can spend more time doing these things.

Our remote support agents and Cobourg computer repair partners look forward to assisting you with all your computer needs. Call or chat with us for immediate assistance.

Our professional and knowledgeable remote computer repair technicians are up to date with computer security threats and will remotely access your computer while you watch in the comfort of your residence, and remotely cleanup and remove viruses and malware from your device. The tech will run all our malware and virus removal tools, and install virus and malware protection software to ensure that your computer is protected from future threats. 

15% OFF on computer repairs and remote support for students in Cobourg

Get in touch with us via chat. Open a support ticket and one of our agents will be with you shortly.

For  speedy and convenient resolution for your issue we offer :

  •  Remote support
  •  Phone support
  • Email support
  • Onsite support
  • Expedited mail in support
  • Drop off at partner locations

Software & OS Repair

Are you having software errors and operating system errors, or some hardware conflicts or cannot find drivers for some particular devices. We can troubleshoot all windows and blue screen error and fix them remotely

Cleanup & Tuneup

Overtime your computer can get slow due to fragmented disks, cache, driver issues, too many startup programs and many other problems. We do performance diagnostics and we optimize your computer for speed, stability and overall health.

Virus Removal

Are you a student in Cobourg ? Do you have a virus ? did you spill tea on your MacBook ? let you brighten up your day with 15% off your repairs. We understand how important a working laptop is to a student. 

Software & Email Setup

Need technical help installing a particular software. We can remotely access your computer and install the software, set it up and test it while you watch. We can help setup your printers, email programs and configure web and internet security.